By Nick Sargeant

PerthUAV, like our friends over at WestCoast UAV, have been steadily gearing up for the upcoming 2016 Medical Express challenge. The competition is just two weeks away(!) though already it has been quite a journey… Along the way, we have hit a few milestones (and had our share of failures) many of which, we have been documenting on our facebook page. Over the weekend we cracked the big 100km so I thought I’d share it with everyone here too.

Flight details:

  • Flight time: 2 hrs 17 mins
  • Total flying distance: 115 km
  • Link to flight summary:
  • Link to flight log: GoogleDrive (boring and very large [~200MB] due to us logging most variables)

In the end, despite having capacity left in our batteries, we had to land due to diminishing light. Conditions were not perfect; we had an average wind of 8m/s (15 knots), we were not flying with the ideal propeller (see below) and we had to navigate a tighter mission than desired for the majority of the flight to maintain separation to other people using the field.

  • Airframe: Mini Talon
  • Motor: SunnySky X2216 2216 1250KV
  • Prop: Aeronaut folding propeller 10×6″ (10×8″ is better)
  • ESC:Turnigy dlux 40A (2~6S)
  • Batteries: 4S 6600mAh Multistar (X2), BATT_CAPACITY set to 10000(mAh)
  • FC: Pixhawk (APM:Plane 3.7)
  • Target airspeed : 17 m/s

On board the aircraft, we had a companion computer (Pi Zero) that provided a C2 link over 3G and was taking pictures when triggered but I will save this (and our SiK radio relay setup) for another comms specific post!

Finally, we’d just to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all those who have contributed to the ArduPilot project, from developers to documenters and donors. None of what we have been able achieve would be possible without Ardupilot.

Source: DIY Drones

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