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From the course description page:

Course Description

Are you a photographer or videographer? Do you want to take your images to the next level… literally? This video course is all about helping you to get started taking awesome aerial photos and videos with the use of multirotors, (drones) as quickly as possible, while avoiding the many pitfalls or problems you may face when learning to fly, choosing an aerial platform, and flying safely. This course contains concise video lessons, PDF guides and helpful links to help you get up to speed and up in the air.

What are Students Saying about the Course?

“Mark covers all the aerial photography topics in this course. Very interesting course over all, and great production quality. If you’ve ever wanted to get a quadcopter and use it to take cool videos and photos, you must take this course.” Scott Duffy

“This is a fantastic course, Mark has really gone over the top to put this together! Get this course Before you get a drone it will be your best investment! Thanks Mark! This Course will make a Great Gift!” MC Mason

“This is such an awesome course! I have always wanted own and operate a drone camera but was never sure where to start learning all about it. This course has giving me all the information i need to start my adventures! ITS A MUST TAKE for anyone looking to shoot awesome video or take aerial photos. The quality of the course is impeccable, the instructor is very knowledgeable and shares his wealth of knowledge in every segment of the course! Its such a bargain for the amount of information you will be getting! Thank you Mark for taking out time to create this.” Osamede Arhunmwunde

What do you get?

After purchase, students will receive 30 day access to the instructor and can get one-on-one help and advice if needed. You will have lifetime access to the course videos and materials and can watch each lesson at your own pace.

Camera drones are incredibly fun to fly and will add a whole new dimension to your work. If you are a videographer, this course will help you gain the skills and knowledge you’ll need to confidently add epic aerial shots to your video projects. Learn the best GoPro settings and post processing techniques to achieve the best video quality.

Still photographers can have just as much fun taking still photos from a multirotor drone. We’ll cover taking and processing still photos with a GoPro, as well as stitching aerial panoramas into breathtaking masterpieces.

Maybe you’re not a photographer or videographer, but you want to start using drones to take imagery for other purposes. Real estate agents, farmers, miners, law enforcement… the possible uses for aerial imaging are many. New technology is making aerial photography and videography more accessible than ever, but it’s important to know the laws, rules, and best practices to ensure your success.

Easy Self-Paced Learning

Take this course at your own pace, come back and re-watch sections if you like, or watch the entire course in one go.

Who is the instructor?

Mark Richardson is a full time photographer and videographer who has built custom multirotors and has been capturing aerial imagery for over two years. He’s traveled world with his current quadcopter, (a Phantom 2) and has mastered the techniques for getting stunning aerial shots while maintaining safety. Mark has hundreds of hours of multirotor flight time under his belt, with a zero crash record on the Phantom 2.

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1 – Safety and Common Sense

  • FAA Regulations
  • Three Main Rules to Follow

Lesson 2 – Flight Training

  • The best quadcopters for learning to fly under $50.00
  • Basic Controls
  • Maintaining and Regaining Orientation
  • Maneuvers to Practice

Lesson 3 – Choosing an Aerial Platform

  • Build or Buy?
  • Multirotor Configurations
  • The DJI Phantom Sweet-Spot
  • DJI Phantom Versions Comparison

Lesson 4 – First Person View (FPV)

  • Wireless Video Downlink & Setup Guide PDF
  • Longer Range Options (Dragon Link, LightBridge)

Lesson 5 – Phantom Firmware and Settings

  • Updating Firmware
  • Gimbal Limits
  • Advanced IMU Calibration
  • Fail-safes
  • Advanced Modes

Lesson 6 – Recommended GoPro Settings

  • Video Settings
  • Photo Settings

Lesson 7 – Preflight Checklist, Takeoff and Landing

  • Preflight Checklist PDF
  • Equipment Check and Packing
  • Compas Calibration
  • Takeoff and Hover Check
  • Ground and Catch Landing Demonstration
  • Fail-safe Demonstration
  • Situations Fail-Safe will Fail

Lesson 8 – Aerial Video & Photo Processing and Editing

  • Lightroom Workflow
  • Photoshop Workflow
  • Final Cut Pro X Workflow

Lesson 9 – Using Aerial Imaging to Tell a Story

  • Aerial Video Shot List
  • Best Still Photo Tips
  • Supplementing a Project with the Aerial Perspective

Lesson 10 – Traveling with your Quadcopter

  • Best Cases for Travel
  • Multirotors and Airline Travel
  • Dealing with Customs

Lesson 11 – Final Thoughts, Resources and Inspiration

  • Troubleshooting & Tips – Avoiding Prop Shadow and Jello
  • 5 inspirational Aerial Films
  • My Recommended Setup: Complete Parts and Price List
  • DJI Ground Station

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Training Course also available on Udemy.

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