By Mirko Denecke

I want to introduce the BBBMINI.

BBBMINI is for people who want to build a Linux autopilot based on ArduPilot themselves. BBBMINI is based on a BeagleBone Black connected to a MPU-9250 IMU and a MS5611 barometer. Both the IMU and barometer sensor can be purchased ready soldered on a breakout board by many manufacturers.

Objectives of the project:

– DIY project, build a Linux autopilot based on ArduPilot with a minimum of hardware

– no SMD soldering required

– DIY friendly 2.54 mm pin header to connect external hardware (other can also be used)

– connection to ground station via (wireless) LAN, or other telemetry radio

– easy start to develop ArduPilot for Linux

– inexpensive

First successful test flight already done.

BBBMINI is already a build target in the ArduPilot master branch:

ArduPilot for Linux is experimental, so please take care, it comes with absolutely no warranty.

For more information please check:

Source: DIY Drones

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