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Syma X5C Drone at Indian Wells Canyon

L6052 Quadcopter with Syma X5C Propellers

Syma X5C Drone at De Luz Heights

Syma X5C-1 Drone, Fast and Maneuverable Pt. 2

Syma X12 vs Cheerson CX10, Which is Better?

Syma X11C Quadcopter Drone, Sample HD Aerial Video

Syma X11C Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone, Rapid Descent & Thermals

Syma X5C-1 Quadcopter Drone, Remove That Camera!

Syma X5C 1 Drone in the El Paso’s

Syma X5C-1 Drone, Fast and Maneuverable

Syma X5C Drone Range Test with X11 Controller

Syma X5C Drone, Out of Range Flight

The Twelve Drones of Christmas

Syma X12 Drone Speed Demon

Syma X11 Drone Obstacle Course Flyer

Syma X11 Drone, Best Beginner’s Quadcopter

Syma X11 and X12 Drones, Fly Anywhere Machines

Syma X11 vs X12 Drones, Which is best?

Syma X5C Drone Mars Overflight

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