This evening, I downloaded the Drone Racing League FPV Simulator to try my hand at quadcopter racing and to see how it compares to flying actual quadcopters.

The simulator comes with two levels to race your quadcopter around on: Factory and Miami. Miami looks just like the real thing. I will need some time to get around the whole course though. I kept crashing. When you crash, you are reset to the start of the course. If you make it to the end of the course, you have the option of submitting your time. If your time is good enough, you might make the leaderboard on their website. They might even invite you to come race with them.

I used my Logitech gamepad that looks like a Playstation controller since I do not have a controller that can connect to my computer.

I tried to record videos using NVIDIA Shadowplay. But, Shadowplay does not see it as a game and therefore can not record. So, unfortunately, no videos of me flying around running into stuff and crashing.

I could say more about the simulator. But it is best enjoyed first hand.

If you are at all interested in FPV, quadcopter racing, or quadcopters in general, I recommend downloading the Drone Racing League FPV Simulator from Drone Racing League’s website. The link is below.


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