By Peter Gulin


Ive recently crashed my FPV Racer (Pictures below).

The problem was I lost contact with the transmitter on my end and ended up falling from a 30 Meter Height onto hard concrete. Thought it would have completely destroyed the drone, but as i panicked and came to my destination which it fell to i realised the damage was not so bad.

As you can see from the pictures it broke all propellers, destroyed the battery and crushed the Receiver for my Spectrum Controller.

So what I’m trying to achieve now is this.

I have started to build a FPV Racer with an X8 setup to make the racer even faster, an a bit more reliable. Obviously its not the motor setup that makes it longer range, for that i will be attaching my Futaba controller so i can get longer range.

Here is a picture of my current progress, lol i know its just putting the motors onto the frame but bare with me i will update this thread soon and show you guys how it looks.

If anyone has any suggestions as to the best way to set this up or if you’ve already tried this and encountered any problems please let me know i really want to make this work.


Peter, Heli Bros

Source: DIY Drones

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