By andre van calster

I upgraded my 3D printed crossfire with a Boscam transmitter TS351 and a all-in-one monitor RX-LCD5802. The FPV camera is a GoPro Hero 3. Simultaneously a Sparkfun GPS LS23060 was added. This implied adding code for reading, parsing and processing nmea data. I have chosen a complementary filter approach for fusion of accelerometer data and GPS data. I managed to implement the additional code in my DIY flight controller with a 8 bit PSoC 3 from Cypress running at 45 MHz. In order to minimize the magnetic field from the power distribution print, mu-metal shielding was applied. At the moment the code is being debugged and tested for GPS position hold applications. Speed & position detection is ok. Magnetic interference is reasonable. Flight tests are scheduled in the near future. In the mean time test FPV flights were carried out (see video), showing the Boscam-GoPro setup works satisfactory.

Source: DIY Drones

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