By Marty

I just wanted to share a little tool I made. FPVr Tech,

which lists the latest fpv racing & quadcopter products scraped from over 45 different shops all in one place.

I was basically sick & tired of trying to look through loads of sites to see whats new on the market, so decided to built a tool that could scrape the data for me, since I lunched the site around 6 months ago, I found it amazingly handy & so useful!.. along with a bunch of other community users…

I’ve since updated the site to version 2, with a new layout, search & caching system making it a lot faster & easier to use, I’m currently working on a price comparison & vendor rating system, which will be introduced in the near future!..

Also trying to add new vendors every week! (as long as they have a decent latest products page on their site!..)

hopefully you guys find it as useful as I do,

Source: DIY Drones

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