KFPLAN KF609 Teng Great Learn to Fly Drone Flight Test Review

This a nice inexpensive drone for new pilots to learn to fly. It’s very maneuverable and fun to fly. As for its camera, if you’re expecting true 4K video in a $30 drone, then there’s a bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell you. Find it here https://bit.ly/KF609-Drone

– Looks only clone of the Mavic Mini.
– Very inexpensive. Most can afford it.
– Weighs under 250 grams, and does not require registration in most countries.
– Excellent flier. Perfect for new pilots to learn the basics of controlling a drone.
– 3.7V 1100mah battery provides over 13 minutes of flight time.
– Altitude hold capability.
– Available with or without optical flow. Optical flow versions provide automatic hovering capability. Non optical flow versions will require manual operation of the controller to maintain hover, but is more maneuverable and more conducive to learning to fly.
– Includes a camera that streams video via 2.4Ghz WiFi that can be viewed on most phones (5Ghz not required). Video is viewed using the FYD-UAV app available on Google Play here https://bit.ly/FYDUAV and the App Store here https://bit.ly/FYD-UAV

– Advertised with 4K camera. In reality, the drone has a much lower resolution sensor that is electronically enlarged to 4K via the app. The end result is that the video quality is not improved by 4K enlargement.
– WiFi video is very laggy with much frame dropping and freezing. Do not expect to be able to fly FPV via your phone.

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