Featured on the Today morning show, In 2016, The Mega Drone X Cavern Race was known for emulating what every Star Wars fans wants which is the pod racing experience. Mega Drone X Cavern Race was the first subterranean FPV Drone Race in the world that featured the best drone racing pilots in the country. This coming November 3-5, 2017 the Mega Drone X production team is taking it up a notch by adding more LED lit course assets as well as another incredible drone race course for the pilots and viewers to enjoy.

Mega Drone X Cavern Drone Race 2017 Live Stream Schedule:

Saturday November 4th:
4:30pm EST – 8:00pm EST: Race Qualifying
8:00pm EST – 8:30pm EST: Team Black Sheep (TBS) Spec Race

Sunday November 5th:
9:45am EST – 10:30am EST: Team Championships
12:00pm EST – 2:30pm EST: Intermediate Top-32 Double Elimination
2:00pm EST – 5:30pm EST: Top 32 Finals & Awards Ceremony

*Broadcast schedule subject to change

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