By BlackoutTheDrunk Total weight is just under 12grams including an Arduino controller, 16v 1000uf cap (only need 6.3v, but 16v is all I could get), 470R resistor, diode for reverse polarity and 12 LED Neopixel ring from Adafruit !

The LEDs are fully RBG & brightness adjustable (you can make any colour at any intensity)

Of course I chose BRIGHT RED, here you can see the theater chaser demo

Next I will add RX support for off/on/toggle effect (switching from on to toggle will change the effect)

I seriously love Adafruit, they are super community orientated and always make awesome gear !

Blackout Mini H Quad Frame –
Tiger MN1806 “Blackout 3S” 2300kv Motor
HQProp 5×4 Orange
HK Blue Series 12amp w/ SimonK
Naze32 Acro
Immersion RC 600w 5.8ghz video transmitter
Immersion RC SpiroNet Antenna V2
FrSky D4R-II in CPPM mode
3S 1500mah 35/70C Nano Tech Battery
Starlight Camera
Mobius Action Camera – Wide Angle Lens
RianRex 10W LED Light Special

~500g AUW

3mm Carbon Fibre Arms, 1mm Carbon Fibre Plates

220mm MTM

Build log:

Source: BlackoutTheDrunk On Youtube

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