By Chris Anderson

Great news from the SwiftNav team:

Swift and I are proud to announce our first official public release of ArduPilot integration for Piksi! This includes:

– A complete step-by-step integration guide available on our wiki

– An Swift Binary Protocol driver for ArduPilot, available in the forthcoming ArduCopter 3.3 (currently available in Beta, soon to be released: ).

– Version 23 of the Piksi Console, with support for communicating with ground station software.

– Mission Planner and MAVProxy support for ground station-based GPS corrections.

We are releasing this integration as a major milestone towards bringing centimeter-accurate flight to ArduPilot! But we need everyone’s help! There is still significant work up ahead to better use Piksi on ArduPilot! Specifically, we’re working to improve ArduPilot’s control and estimation systems as to use Piksi more effectively. We’re also building an analysis pipeline to help the community analyze the accuracy of their flight paths and debug potential problems with their setup.

To that end, we’re issuing a Call for Logs! If you use Piksi on ArduPilot, please send us your DataFlash logs! You can do so by attaching it in a reply to this forum. These logs contains valuable Piksi behavior data, which will help us debug and improve ArduPilot and Piksi.

This announcement represents the culmination of a lot of effort from Swift, myself, and the open source community. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew Tridgell, Randy Mackay, Michael Oborne and the entire community for their help and encouragement with this ongoing project.

We look forward to everyone’s thoughts and feedback about the documentation and current experience with the integration!

Get started here!


-Niels and the SwiftNav team

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