By Radoslaw Kornicki

Hello Everyone!
Some of You may remember an early prototype of a integrated remote that I built and posted here on DIY a couple of years ago. While the post has been taken down since, the work on this control never stopped but rather went “underground” while I worked on it with a couple of business partners.
Some of you who attended the LA Drone Expo this last weekend got to see the product live. For those of you that weren’t, I am thrilled to present our soon to ship UAVX Gravity Pilot Control System.
The rugged 16″ Gravity controller features 2 channels of 5.8Ghz live HD capable video with 3-axis gimbal control. The sunlight viewable 7″ WXGA LCD touchscreen provides intuitive configuration and mission planning. Simply set your waypoints in Google Maps and let your GPS navigate while you view and capture stunning images and video in real-time. All with full flight data via onb board real-time telemetry display in Gravity.
You probably wonder when we will release the Gravity. Well it will be very soon. While we have procured almost all of the tooling required to produce components like enclosures, screens, main CPU etc, we will be launching a KickStarter campaign in January to help us set up a production facility so that we may begin shipping by April of 2015.
We welcome your feedback and look forward to showing it to you in person.
Our next stop is the AMA EXPO January 9-11 in California.
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Source: DIY Drones

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