WLToys XK A180 F-22 Raptor Brushless Stabilized RC Plane Flight Test Review

This brushless motor raptor includes 6G stabilization that make this advanced fighter plane suitable for beginner pilots. Find it here http://bit.ly/XK_A180

– Constructed of tough EPP foam weighing only 76 grams. This plane does not require registration in most countries.
– Includes 6G (6DoF) stabilization (3 axis gyroscopic, and 3 axis accelerometer). Should provide smooth flights, even on gusty/windy days (as demonstrated in this video). The stabilization can be quickly turned off and on with the press of a button, allowing acrobatic flight if desired. If you get into trouble, just turn stabilization back on to allow it to quickly level itself.
– 1106 brushless motor for power and durability.
– 3 channel power, pitch, and roll control through throttle and two independent servo controlled elevons.
– Bright LED light strips near wing leading edge. Easily seen in daylight, and should be very bright for night flying.
– Very common 7.4V 300mah provides over 8 minutes of flight per charge. You should be able to easily find cheap replacements for this battery for repeated flights.

– The plane was nose heavy out of the box. It was easily corrected by adjusting the pitch horns to provide slight upward pitch on the elevons at neutral control. But beginner pilots might become discouraged if they are unaware of how to do this.

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